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The Cabinet Maker specializes in custom work, building everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to bookshelves and bars to suit your every need. Have an idea of what you want? Show us a picture and we'll be happy to reproduce the item to match your design.

LEFT: This is a small kitchen cabinet built for a couple to store dishes and hold the telephone.
RIGHT: This is a bar that was designed with counter space in the back and a true bar-style feel from the front.
LEFT: This is a fireplace that was refinished for a client.
RIGHT: This is a custom bookshelf/entertainment unit built for a customer to fit from one wall to the other in his home.
This is an aquarium stand built for a client.
LEFT: This is a storage chest that was purchased by several clients. Shown here in a light finish, it was used as a hopechest.
RIGHT: This is the chest in a slightly different style and finish, used as a blanket box. Another client also used a similar chest as a toy box.
This tabletop lazy susan is a popular item. It rotates easily to aid in dinner situations and family gatherings while making a nice centerpiece when not in use.
LEFT: This is a cabinet for a dartboard. Shown open here.
RIGHT: This is the dartboatd cabinet when closed.
LEFT: This small fence divider is designed to be stable when free-standing and was used by a client as a movable gate to restrict a baby's access to rooms.
RIGHT: This stylish planter was built for an elderly client.
LEFT: This storage cabinet was used by a couple as a microwave stand.
RIGHT: This is a toolbox designed for maximum storage and security with two locking steel bars that slide in accross the front of each row of drawers.
LEFT: This is a bathroom vanity designed for for two. Shown here closed, this is an oak finish with raised panal doors.
RIGHT: Shown here open, notice how the drawers slide out as one piece with three levels accessible from either side.
These next four photos are of a kitchen that had all of the cabinets removed and rebuilt for a client.
These next four photos are also of a kitchen that had all of the cabinets removed and rebuilt for a client.
Note the staggered hieghts and depths of the cabinets throughout the kitchen.
The dishwasher was built into the cabinetry here and raised off of the floor for easier access.
These pictures are from a kitchen that was redone from the ground up, with new cabinets all around. This is an oak finish with raised panel doors.
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